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Unless I cook up the dishes from my childhood, most of my recipes are inspired by what I see around me, at the market, the butcher´s and the meals I´ve had in bistrots and restaurants. Other than that, for inspiration and/or advice in cooking techniques, I like the following blogs, cooks & books, in no particular order:

David Lebovitz, frommydiningtable, manger, Stéphane Reynaud, David Galmiche, Yotam Ottolenghi, photisserie, for the love of the south, vanilla bean blog, cannelle et vanille, Jamie Oliver, local milk,  Johann Lafer, 101 cookbooks, an old Dr. Oetker Koch- und Backbuch, and many more.

5 thoughts on “Like & love

  1. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. Your pictures and recipes are mouthwatering. I enjoy cooking myself and have been spending my whole week-end making jam. I find it very satisfying to create something from scratch. A few things make sense in my life but I can safely say that painting and baking are two things that do.


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