Sweet dreams of orange jam


This recipe was created due to severe pregnancy cravings for a certain…. je ne sais quoi, at first. After a while of sleeplessness in my bed, it suddenly occurred to me what I was longing for: sweet orange jam, the kind without the bitter aftertaste I have never got used to. So, at a really early hour, I crawled out of bed and started working. It´s good to know your kid is still sleeping while you´re up to supreme the oranges, because: all the white skin has to be peeled of. Really, literally everything.

Orangenmarmelade mit Rosmarin

sweet orange jam with rosemary (about 1500 ml):
3000 – 3200 g oranges
fresh juice of 1 lemon
1000 g jam/preserving sugar 1:1
2 twigs of rosemary

Remove all skins from about 350-400 g of the oranges. Fill orange supremes in a large measuring jug. Juice remaining oranges and lemon to obtain a total amount of 800 ml of juice and fruit in the measuring device (including supremed oranges). In a large pot, mix together fruit, juice and sugar, add rosemary leaflets (chopped finely). Bring to a boil while constantly stirring and boil for 5 min (that´s the proceeding for my kind of sugar, yours may differ) or until mixture starts to thicken. Fill in prepared jam glasses immediately.


  1. I always hate to admit it, but I really don’t like the peel in marmalade unless it’s cut very, very thin—something I haven’t ever quite mastered. But I love the jam itself. And with rosemary? Perfect!


    1. Thank you, Michelle! That´s exactly what I think, too. The peel sounds like a good idea in theory, but in reality….not so tasty! So to be pragmatic, I just decided not to use it at all!


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